What is the required skill level to join UTO?

Private lessons are tailored to meet the needs of any kid or adult, whether you're a beginner or seasoned vet.

How much does a Private or Semi-Private lesson cost?

UTO offers private and semi-private tennis lessons for kids and adults. Private $40/hr. - Outdoors Private Package Deals 5 x Private Lessons for the price of 4 Private Lessons. ($160) 10 x Private Lessons for the price or 7 Private Lessons. ($280) Semi-Private $50/hr. - Outdoors Semi-Private Package Deals 5 x Semi-Private Lessons for the price of 4 Semi-Private Lessons. ($200) 10 x Semi-Private Lessons for the price of 7 Semi-Private Lessons. ($350)

What are the payment options?

All invoicing and payments are done through Paypal Business.

What tennis equipment do I need?

1) Tennis Racquet 2) Tennis Shoes 3) Water Bottle 4) Towel 5) Sun Block I have extra youth and adult tennis racquets for those that want to check out the sport before spending money on court equipment.

Does UTO offer ball machine rental?

Yes, UTO offers ball machine rental. Rental Fee: $50 (24 hours) Lobster Elite Two features: - Triple oscillation (vertical & horizontal) - Ball Capacity (150 balls) - Battery operated - Court Time (4-8 hours)

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